29 Maggio 2018

LAMINARIE | Call for artists in residency at DOM la cupola del Pilastro


Who we are

LAMINARIE theatre group has been founded in 1994 and it has its headquarters in Bologna, Italy. Since 2009 Laminarie directs theatre DOM La cupola del Pilastro, in convention with Bologna Local Administration. The group’s mission aims at discovering new ways to communicate within the avant-garde theatre. The group has a mature audience production line and a young audience production line. For well over twenty years the company has developed its own character, which borders with architecture and visual arts, cinema, literatures.

Theatre DOM, opened in 2009 into an old dome in the heart of Pilastro neighbourhood in Bologna, establish itself on the national scene as a leading venue for the particular know-how developed in the field of “territorial activation”. Its methodology was developed in a continuous balance between a strong artistic identity and a relationship-oriented work, especially focused on the Pilastro neighbourhood, which has am historical reputation as a slum. For this reason, Laminarie was awarded with special UBU prize in 2012 for its activities “on the boundaries between production and residencies, between city and countryside, migration and memory, childhood and adulthood, between theatrical research and work with the neighborhood, Pilastro in Bologna”. The UBU prizes were created in 1977 by Italian critic Franco Quadri. They award the best theater events of the year, voted by a jury made of 54 top art critics of the country.